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Identifying, Documenting & Analysing Business Processes

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title: Identifying, Documenting & Analysing Business Processes (the teal book)
author: Peter Hill
publisher: Modulus Pty. Ltd.
address: 1B Regent St, Brighton East, Victoria, Australia 3187

A practical guide to the identification, documentation & analysis of Business Processes from strategic to operational levels.

Discussion commences with the definition of a business process and then turnds to the subject of classification of business processes.

Next, process maps are introduced including how to understand a process map and how to develop a process map. The various levels of process maps are introduced and also the development of as-is process documentation. Here process naming conventions are intriduced as well as documentation of work instructions and storage of the process map.

Next process risk analysis is introduced, including assessment of risk quantum and risk probability, followed by risk segmentation into low impact, low probability processes through to high impact, high probability processes.

The next topic presented is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Involved Analysis (RACI Analysis). This includes understanding the roles and determining the RACI allocations, RACI principles and anlysis and specific questions which help in the identification of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed parties. This section then covers having at least one Accountable party for each process, single point accountability, multiple Responsibel parties, span of accountability, span of responsibility and span of consultancy. It the concludes with discussion of RACI Analysis tools, RACI Analysis diaagrams and variants on RACI Analysis, including RACI-VS, CAIRO, RASCI and RACI (alternate mapping).

This makes for a very thorough treatment of Business Process Indentification, Business Process Documentation and business Process Analysis.

language: English
price: US $19.95

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