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Welcome to modulus.com.au. Modulus provides tools, applications and services to consultancies and website developers.

bpm ebooks

Our series of e-books covering Business Process Management is available for on-line purchase via PayPal. The series comprises:
Generating & Selecting KPI Sets (the blue book)
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) selection including balanced scorecard analysis
Implementation Guide for Service Level Agreements (the plum book)
Service Level Agreements make service management transparent
Identifying, Documenting & Analysing Business Processes (the teal book)
Business Process Management depends on clear and precise business process documentation
Selecting & Implementing Internal Controls (the red book)
Internal Controls are key to managing business process risk
Evaluation of Capital Projects (the coral book)
Evaluation techniques including DCF, Scenario Planning and Monte Carlo analysis
Good Practice for Commercial Website Design (the saffron book)
Learn how to specify an effective commercial website

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